Integrating Crashlytics from Fabric in Android

Crashlytics is a mobile service for building crash reporting for iOS and Android. It is now owned by Twitter and provided as part of their suite of products for mobile developers known as Fabric. Crashlytics is the most powerful, yet lightest crash reporting solution. we can implement the Crashlytics in Android with a few clicks.

Integrating Fabric Crashlytics on Android

Step 1: SignUp on for Crashlytics.

Go to for signing up on Click “Get Started With Fabric“.
Fabric Getting StartedFabric Getting Started
Now enter your name, email and click “Send Confirmation“.
Fabric will now send a confirmation link to your email. Click it.
Fabric Getting Started
Now enter your Name, Email and Password And then click “Sign up“.
Fabric Getting StartedGive your team name and click “Next“. You can Add more teams later.

Step 2: Downloading Crashlytics plugin.

Click on the Android Studio icon to download Fabric plugin. This will download the plugin installation zip file to your computer.

Step 3: Install Crashlytics Plugin.

Open Android studio and go to Settings.
File-> Settings-> Plugin On Windows. Android Studio -> Preference on MAC.
Android Studio SettingsThen, Go to Plugins tab, click “Install plugin from disk“, select the downloaded zip file from your computer and click OK.
Android Studio Plugins TabNow Android Studio will ask for Restart.

After restrting Android Studio you can find the Fabric icon on the Studio toolbar.
Fabric icon on Android Studio

Click “Done
Fabric Getting Started


Step 4: Adding Crashlytics to Android App.

Open your project in Android Studio, Which you want to add Crashlytics. Now click the Fabric icon on Android Studio toolbar.
Fabric LoginEnter your email and password and click the Power shaped button to Login.
Fabric LoginOn success you will see the Team name which we created before. Click the “Next” button, then click “Install” next to Crashlytics.
Install CrashlyticsNow Fabric will show the changes that will make in the Android project. Click “Apply
Install CrashlyticsInstall Crashlytics
Now we can Launch the App on Emulator.
Install CrashlyticsInstall Crashlytics
Click the “done” button in the Fabrics plugin, And then “back“.
Install CrashlyticsNow head to the browser and click “Go to Dashboard“.
Install CrashlyticsAgree and click “Get Started!“,
Install CrashlyticsCongratulations you have successfully integrated Crashlytics in your app.
Install Crashlytics

Step 5: ForceClosing App to test Crashlytics.

If you want you can make a Force Crash add this line of code in MainActivity and run the app on emulator.

Android Force CloseNow check your Fabrics Dashboard to see the Error you just created.
Fabrics Crashlytics Android Error ReportClick the listed error to see more details about the crash.
Fabrics Crashlytics Android Error Report


Step 6: Adding Answers, Analytics by Fabric for you app, Crashlytics.

Click the Answers icon and then click “Yes, I want it!“. Then wait for some time. And remember no code changes to be made for using Answers!

Answers by FrabicsLaunch the app on a real device, Sometimes Answers will not work with emulator.
Answers by FabricAnswers by Fabric

Step 7: Adding Events to Answers, Crashlytics.

You can also create events in your app and see the data and details on answers.
Add a button to the MainActivity and add the below code and launch the app.

Answers EventsCheck here for more details and option in Answers.